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NeuroPhysics Therapy and NPT Exercise Based Programs are for people of all ages and ability.

An extremely gentle, exercise-based treatment, NPT engages and triggers your body’s natural healing processes through very light and controlled resistance training. The therapy is consistently associated with observably beneficial impacts for people with a wide variety of  mild to severe conditions including:

  • Overall health and wellbeing
  • Athletic performance & rehabilitation
  • Chronic conditions that limit life's quality
  • Complex diseases, disorders and injuries

 There are hundreds of applications for NPT. Because it works to increase the integrity, robustness, functionality, performance and communication of your neurological system, the upgrade to all the sub-systems (biochemical, biological, and physiological) are experienced in a “whole system” way. It is this optimisation and subsequent upgrade which allows NPT to deliver whichever results are needed to the system. With NPT, the body heals itself.

Meeting your needs in order to treat your system is our highest priority.

The foundation principle of NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) relies on you first achieving a calm, relaxed and open state, in order that your system be able to conduct information freely and without prejudice.

Our aim is focused on enabling you to increase the functional complexity of that information, safely, confidently, and at your own pace. Every part of your experience with us at a NeuroPhysics Therapy Clinic is sensitively considered – so that optimal engagement in your system can be realised.


Top reasons people come to NeuroPhysics Therapy

  • Receive a high level of personal care, attention, and empathy
  • Achieve benefits that reach and often exceed goals
  • Trust in its consistent effectiveness
  • Experience first-hand why NeuroPhysics Therapy has been in the spotlight on media such as 60 Minutes, Fox Sports, National 9 and 7 news, books, and a movie.
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John Maclean is walking again after 25 years in a wheelchair. Watch 60 Minutes "No Limits."

Explore NPT Health & Wellness Programs and NPT Exercise Based Programs

NPT Health & Wellness Programs

Whether your goals are to lose fat, shape up, tone and condition or manage those aches and pains, our NPT health and wellness programs will help you succeed!

NPT Exercise Based Programs

Each of our exercise based programs begin with a comprehensive assessment with a Certified NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioner.

Hear more about NeuroPhysics Therapy Treatment

  • For complex disease and disorders
  • For chronic conditions which limit quality of life
  • For overall health and wellbeing
  • For athletic rehabilitation and performance enhancement