NeuroPhysics Therapy: Consistently beneficial, often extraordinary

NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) is a time‐tested method to improve overall wellbeing and even mild to severe health conditions, injuries, diseases, and disorders. It does this without adding medicine, surgery, or physical manipulation.  The therapy triggers the body’s natural health and repair processes. It works by using knowledge about how our nervous systems communicate throughout our brains and bodies.

NPT has consistently benefited people in clinical and non‐clinical settings because it treats the whole human system rather than isolating “trouble spots” that need ”fixing.” This uniquely natural, mild exercise therapy enables the body to do its healing work toward optimal physical and mental functioning, significantly improving people’s quality of life, often in a remarkably short time.

What to expect from NeuroPhysics Therapy:

NeuroPhysics Therapy has been facilitating the body’s natural health trigger process for nearly 30 years

Ken Ware works with a client at the NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute, QLD
Ken Ware works with a client at the NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute, QL

Through NeuroPhysics Therapy Programs “… the human system can evidently resolve many of its own issues without medication, surgery, or limb manipulation.”

from Hypothesizing the body’s genius to trigger and self-organize its healing:  25 years using a standardized neurophysics therapy, in Frontiers in Physiology (2013)

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Therapist Training & Education

The demand for NeuroPhysics Therapy professionals is high, driven by the history of impressive benefits.  See our Careers and Education Page for more information.

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