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NPT Health & Wellness Programs

Most people who engage in a NPT Health and Wellness program are seeking to:

  • Lose Fat
  • Tone & condition sagging muscles
  • Become stronger & fitter
  • Feel better and more confident about themselves and others
  • Have more energy and become more mentally alert
  • Become illness free
  • Learn how to train properly and eat healthy

NPT’s highly advanced Health & Wellness Programs cater to the broadest populations of those wishing to either simply maintain optimim physical and mental health and wellbeing in a noncompetitive manner and setting, or perhaps bring themselves into a more optimal mental and physical health range. There are available a variety of choices that your clients can get started with such as;

The NPT Discovery Package

This is a 30 day program that grounds clients in NPT health and wellness philosophy and sets them on their way to accomplishing their goals and objectives. Or they may choose to move straight ahead with either the NPT Results Package or the NPT Platinum Package.

The NPT Results Package

This is a 12 week program that will be continually tailored to your client's level of ability as they fast track their way to optimum results within this timeframe. Clients will be introduced to a wide variety of exercise programs, learn how to eat healthily and be provided with supporting health and wellness education material. They will be given advice on how to keep moving forward upon completion of the NPT Results Package. Or they may choose to move straight into The NPT Platinum Package

The NPT Platinum Package

The NPT Platinum Package is a 12 months renewable Health and Wellness program. Clients will basically begin with the format and structure of the NPT Discovery Package and then have the program continually upgraded at predetermined times that takes them through the first 7 important stages of acquiring their optimim results over the following 12 – 15 weeks. Clients will then graduate onto NPT’s ‘Advanced Programs. These are highly stimulating and motivating programs that keep them from getting bored and feeling like they are not progressing. Once they have completed the first 7 stages of NPT’s Advanced Programs, clients will be able to either spend some time recycling through these or select from the very large range of personal programs. There is no other Health and Wellness program in the world that offers such a vast range of programs to its clients to choose from, or demonstrate the level of devotion NPT practitioners have towards assisting clients in accomplishing their Health and Wellness goals and objective and extensively educating them along the way.

Neurotrician Certificate

Enrol in the Neurotrician Certificate program which is comprised of self-paced, independent online learning, followed by practical training and a period of practice with clients.

Study Introductory Topics of NeuroPhysics Therapy

Study a selection of introductory topics. These single modules are perfect if you’re looking for new professional or personal development insights or are interested in exploring whether a career as a NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioner is for you. Any successfully completed modules may be applied towards the Neurotrician Certificate.