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NPT Rehabilitation

NeuroPhysics Therapy has earned and established a respectable global reputation because of the unprecedented results NPT has accomplished for people with highly complex pathologies and for people with complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries.

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Watch world renowned Paraplegic Athlete John Maclean

The ground breaking news of John Maclean walking again resulting from NeuroPhysics Therapy was shown on 60 minutes in the story; ‘No Limits.’ See also: John Maclean, Leaving the Wheels Behind.

"Doctors said we'd never walk again, but we will prove them wrong."

Martin Hibbert, who lost the use of his legs in the Manchester Arena attack, and pal Steve Cook, who lost his through a bike accident, have declared war on their spinal injuries through NeuroPhysics Therapy. (Image: Daily Mirror)

Surfer Barney Miller's Inspirational Story

Barney Miller was told he would never breathe independently or use his legs again. Instead, through sheer force of will and a dash of love and NeuroPhysics Therapy, he defied all odds to dance on his wedding day.

The world needs more NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioners!

Enrol in our Neurotrician Certificate course.

NPT Rehabilitation Programs

As you progress through your NPT training and education, you will learn everything there is to know that will assist you to become a skilled NPT practitioner and be able to forge a very competitive career in Rehabilitation. You may choose to cater to all requests for NPT Rehabilitation services, or specialize in just one or two areas of interest.

NPT Sports Injuries Rehabilitation Programs

NPT Sports Injuries Rehabilitation Programs are suitable for the young and ageing athlete and are tailored to suit individual needs and circumstances. These clientele will typically transition into a NPT Peak Performance Program as they successful accomplish an injury free state.

Other NPT Rehabilitation Programs

NeuroPhysics Therapy will significantly enhance psychophysical functionality in all circumstances. NeuroPhysics Therapy has proven to be by far the most effective and successful form of therapy in the world for people with significant complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries. Since 2013, more and more international reports have been published in the international media, relating to the unprecedented successes that NeuroPhysics Therapy has recorded, particularly in eliciting dramatic functional recoveries for patients with spinal cord injuries in very small time scales.

However, over the past 20 + years, there have been large numbers of patients who have significantly restored lost functions in very small time scales, who had presented with psychophysical functional restrictions causal of lesions within the CNS and peripheral nervous system (PNF) such as; Stroke, Epilepsy, Severe Brachial Plexus traumas, Parkinson Disease, Muscular Dystrophies, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Scleroses, Removed Tumor trauma, Acquired Brain injury and other Neurological Traumas sustained at birth & Functional Movement Disorders.

Other documented beneficiaries of NPT are those patients who presented with complex anxiety and pain disorders and mysterious disorders such as Fibromyalgia, CRPS, and Neuropathic pain. NeuroPhysics Therapy has evolved to be the most effective and accomplished form of psychophysical cognitive therapy in the world today.

Each NPT Rehabilitation Program is again tailored to suit individual needs, circumstances, mobility and functionality. They commonly involve 4 days of 2 hour intensive NPT, required to destabilize existing patterns of psychophysical behavior relative to the individuals pathological conditions and enable new desirable patterns of psychophysical behavior to emerge. The 4 day intensive NPT sessions are very successful in what they accomplish and this is followed up with a transition into an individually tailored NPT Health and Wellness Program to keep the client on track and to become increasingly robust to pathological conditions.

There are numerous testimonials that relate to high order rehabilitation and sports injury habitation available on the NPT Vimeo channel and YouTube.

Begin Your NPT Education

Neurotrician Certificate

Enrol in the Neurotrician Certificate program which is comprised of self-paced, independent online learning, followed by practical training and a period of practice with clients.

Study Introductory Topics of NeuroPhysics Therapy

Study a selection of introductory topics. These single modules are perfect if you’re looking for new professional or personal development insights or are interested in exploring whether a career as a NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioner is for you. Any successfully completed modules may be applied towards the Neurotrician Certificate.