Careers in NeuroPhysics Therapy

High Demand

NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioners are in high demand!

Income Potential

Income earning potentials of NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioners are greater than those in some allied health professions.

Career Pathways

Multiple career pathways are possible.

Medical Knowledge Not Required

Specialised health or medical knowledge is not required to study NeuroPhysics Therapy.

The world needs more NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioners!

Enrol in our Neurotrician Certificate program.

As a fully qualified NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioner you will have acquired all the expert skills to enable you to practice between all of the NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) programs and deliver services to a very broad demographic. Or you may choose to specialize in delivering your services to just one or two of NPT’s highly advanced programs.

NeuroPhysics Therapy has primarily earned a respectable global reputation because of the unprecedented results NPT has accomplished for people with highly complex pathologies and for people with complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries.

However people from all walks of life and needs have accomplished their health, wellness and peak performance goals through their individually cultured NPT program.

From world champion athletes, elite sportswomen and men, performance artists, through to corporate health programs and those wishing to offset the degenerative and mental effects of ageing, to those simply wishing to optimize their health and wellness futures, your skills as a NPT practitioner will equip you to be able to positively impact on the lives of those people fortunate enough to be able to access your services.

Ken Ware with Pete Jacobs, Hawaiian Ironman Champion

Career Pathways

Explore a large variety of NPT programs and available NPT services to help you get started, promote yourself as a qualified NPT practitioner and select the services you wish to provide your clientele.

NPT Health & Wellness Programs

NPT Anti-Ageing Programs

NPT Rehabilitation Programs

Start a rewarding career in NPT.

Register for the Neurotrician Certificate.

Radio interview with Ken Ware, the founder of NeuroPhysics Therapy.

In the latest episode of the ATP Project Matt interviews Ken Ware. They talk about, not only how to use Chaos theory to get people out of wheelchairs and mobile again, but also how he can make people that are feeling good, feel awesome. They also discuss how you can get out of survival mode and into thrive mode.

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