NPT Programs

There are three stages to NeuroPhysics Therapy-based Training:

1. Initial Assessment

Each program begins with a comprehensive assessment with a Certified NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioner, during which the client’s system is analyzed with series of specific exercises on specialized equipment. This is done in short sessions over two to four days (depending on the Package and the person’s needs). A session may be one and a half to two hours in duration.

* Where appropriate, the client will be guided through the Ware K Health Trigger Process, which is a highly effective advanced component of NeuroPhysics Therapy-based Training.


2. Life Enhancement Platinum

Programs 1 – 7

Each with a specific goal, these seven exercise-based programs are structured in a way that embeds the positive changes made in NeuroPhysics Therapy-based sessions. The length of time it takes to complete the seven programs varies but 3-6 months is a good average.
Likened to doing ‘Tai Chi with weights,’ programs 1 and 2 use very low load resistance training to develop posture, control and awareness of how the client’s systems are interacting. We recommend programs 1 and 2 are done at the exclusion of most other training and completed in the shortest convenient timeframe.

Programs 3 to 7

These programs involve progressively more challenging exercises and loads – all personalized to the individual’s needs. As progress is made and their systems upgrade, clients are able to handle stress and load more easily. Programs 3 to 7 can be integrated into an existing exercise regime if required.

3. Life Enhancement Platinum

Advanced Programs

In order for one’s system to further upgrade, it needs to be in a constant state of adaptation. Our Advanced Programs are goal oriented, tailored towards strength, power, sports performance, weight control or general wellbeing. They are extremely varied, with something different and challenging each session.

Training Options at a NeuroPhysics Therapy Clinic

If you live near a NeuroPhysics Therapy Clinic, then you can join and get the following benefits:
• Supervision by a Certified NeuroPhysics Therapy Practitioner
• Personal program upgrades and reviews
• Monthly one-on-one sessions
• NeuroPhysics Therapy updates and research

For clients not living in proximity to a NeuroPhysics Therapy Clinic, the programs can be executed at an appropriately equipped gym, once the initial assessment and programming have been completed. Periodic visits for a program upgrade are required to realise optimal benefits.

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Shape up physically and emotionally

Sometimes we realise we need to get out of a rut and do something new that challenges us and adds more value and meaning to our lives. We also know we need good working tools and strategies to stay in the game of life in todays ‘bigger’ ‘stronger’ ‘faster’ world.

Whether you are a stay at home mum or dad, an athlete of sorts, a team member at work, or the CEO of a big organization, you need to cope with stress at every level without succumbing to the epidemic of stress related diseases and disorders affecting millions of people around the world.

Feel challenged and accomplished

You will learn how you can train hard, even at an elite level and still be able to maintain control and composure. Whether your goals are to lose fat, shape up, tone and condition or manage those aches and pains, the Results Package has everything you need to be successful.
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Results Package

The NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) 12-week Results Package is jam-packed with get up and go. It is a practical program that includes doing and learning. Designed for you to accomplish your short terms goals and objectives, it establishes the right conditions within your system so you can keep building on what you have accomplished and learned.

A qualified NeuroPhysics Therapist will assess and guide you through your 12 week Results focused program. At the same time you will be educated on the importance of Posture, Physical and Emotional control and integrity and how our perception of our environment predicts our physical emotional make-up.

The Results Package truly leaves you in charge of your destiny with physical and emotional health and wellbeing. It is the optimum learning experience with lots of variety and dedication to controlling the arousal of stress in the midst of life’s challenges.

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Discovery Package

For those simply wishing to discover what their true physical and emotional potential is and to have the NeuroPhysics therapy experience, the 30-day Discovery Package could be your solution.
The education and practice-based Discovery package lets you in on what is really required to optimise your physical/emotional health and wellbeing, and to optimise your performance at work and play.
A NeuroPhysics Therapist will set you on your way with a unique, highly successful NeuroPhysics Therapy exercise program. You’ll learn the important connection between the effectiveness of the exercises and
• posture, physical and emotional control, and integrity, and
• how we perceive our environment predicts our physical and emotional make-up.
In just 30 days, feel and look great and be on your way to overcoming those niggling aches and pains with the NeuroPhysics Therapy Discovery Package.

Discover these new keys to discover your true potential!

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Lifestyle Package

The 12-month Lifestyle Package is the ultimate health and wellbeing program, having produced unprecedented results and benefits for thousands of people. This is the Health, Wellness and Performance Program that will really put you in charge of your physical and emotional health and wellness future for life.
The Lifestyle Package includes:

• Unlimited usage of the facility and its features and equipment.
• Absolute personal one on one attention in the delivery, supervision, and monitoring of your uniquely detailed and variable exercise program by a qualified practising NeuroPhysics Therapist.
• Free admission to regular health and wellness seminars.
• Nutrition advice.
• Monthly sit-down meets with your NeuroPhysics Therapist outside of your program requirements.
• Access to specialized NeuroPhysics education material relating to Your Posture, Emotions, Perception of Environment, Exercise, Aging and Eating.

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