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Introduction to Food and Eating

This module introduces often-overlooked but influential factors in the use of food in different socio-cultural and emotional contexts.

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Features of Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy online learning modules

60 days* to complete your online learning activities, plus up to 15 more days to access the instructor feedback and guidance on your final assignments (total of 75 days of online access).

What you will learn

  • You will learn how these influences play roles in understanding how food is just another source of information entering our system. Such information tells a story of the outside world as well as the worlds each of us inherits from our historical background.
  • You will learn how to critically assess widespread messages about diet.
  • The module lays foundations for your subsequent learning and applying principles about food and eating during The Practice component of this Certificate.
  • Through this introduction, you will learn and practice new ways to notice and observe your relationship to food, to use the information gained, and to assess how it made a difference to do so.

Key learning objectives

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the role of individual and collective beliefs about food.
  2. Using learning from this module, describe and explain the history of your relationship with food and eating to date.
  3. Plan how you will use learning from this module when working with clients.


The estimated completion time varies by topic and by individual study styles, reading and typing speeds, and native language. Completion time estimates range from a low of perhaps 12 hours for a few of the modules, to a high of perhaps 25-30 hours, depending on the module. All modules are presented in U.S. English.  

Successful completion

The minimum score to pass individual assignments and tests is 80%. Successful completion of a module earns a Certificate of Completion from Neurotricional Sciences Education Pty. Ltd. 

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