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Emotions - Energy in Motion

The study of emotion in this module is to understand what our complex experience of emotion really is and how it emerges in our whole-body system depending on how we perceive and react to our environment. We examine what happens when something “goes wrong” and what the root causes were.

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Features of Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy online learning modules

60 days* to complete your online learning activities, plus up to 15 more days to access the instructor feedback and guidance on your final assignments (total of 75 days of online access)

What you will learn

  • You will learn the linkage between events, ways of interpreting events, and the physiology of our emotional states.
  • This module teaches about the flow of information throughout the brain/body system so you learn the nature and origins of emotions from the physiological beginnings to the feelings, to the reactive behaviors.
  • You will learn how to observe these dynamics and how and where control is possible.
  • This module explains how Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy methods enable people to relate to their emotional system differently, with a sense of control over their reactions so the emotions do not have control over them.

Key learning objectives

  1. Recognize and describe the complex nature of emotion and the brain/body systems that produce it.
  2. Recognize and describe the interplay of major physiological dynamics of emotion and memory with environmental stimuli.
  3. Explain why Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy requires clients to develop a sense of choice and a sense of control toward emotional arousal.
  4. Apply concepts from this module when analyzing emotional situations.


The estimated completion time varies by topic and by individual study styles, reading and typing speeds, and native language. Completion time estimates range from a low of perhaps 12 hours for a few of the modules, to a high of perhaps 25-30 hours, depending on the module. All modules are presented in U.S. English.  

Successful completion

The minimum score to pass individual assignments and tests is 80%. Successful completion of a module earns a Certificate of Completion from Neurotricional Sciences Education Pty. Ltd. 

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