Study introductory topics of Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy. One module at a time.

Find out what make this therapy so unique and effective in improving all kinds of health conditions.

Study a selection of introductory topics where you will learn the nature and logic of the unique curriculum designed to teach those studying to become Neurotricians. These single modules are perfect if you are looking for new professional or personal development insights, or want to find out if a career in Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy is for you. Successfully completed modules may be applied towards the Neurotrician Certificate.

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Do you wonder if the Neurotrician Certificate is for you? Now you can try it out and decide later!

Flexible Start-Pause-Resume Options Between Modules

Do you want to begin to earn an early portion of your Certificate with flexible start-pause-resume options between modules? Our new pay-as-you-go option may be for you!

Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy-based training is for people of all ages and ability!

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current professional knowledge, kickstart a career, or would simply like to be across this revolutionary therapy and its surrounding science, the knowledge gained from studying Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy will be a powerful asset.

Ken Ware, Founder of Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy

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Features of Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy Online Learning Modules

Best Practices

Modules use best practices in adult online learning

Audio Orientation

An audio orientation by Dr. Sara Ross launches each module

Experiential Learning

Assignments ensure experiential adult learning

Individualized Feedback

Instructors provide individualized feedback on assignments and tests shortly after they are submitted.

Time Management

Estimated times listed for each learning activity can inform your time management. 60 days to complete your online learning activities, plus up to 15 more days to access the instructor feedback and guidance on your final assignments (total of 75 days of online access)

PC or Mac

Devices supported: PC or Mac computers or tablets (not smart phones)

Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy: Consistently beneficial and often extraordinary

Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy has been consistently effective in clinical and non-clinical settings and has literally helped thousands of clients ranging from people with spinal cord injuries and chronic pain sufferers to elite athletes and those simply seeking to improve their physical and emotional well being.

Athletic Peak Performance

Health and Wellness

Spinal Cord Injury

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Find out if Ken Ware NeuroPhysics Therapy is for you.

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