NPT Assistant Certificate

NeuroPhysics Therapy Assistants support NPT Therapists by helping clients get settled into their program sessions, and checking and adjusting clients’ techniques as they perform their exercises.

When clients or family members have benefited from NeuroPhysics Therapy, sometimes they are eager to learn more about the therapy so they can help others reap the benefits, too.  The NPT Assistant Certificate supports those desires, and also opens a career path to further education as a Neurotrician for those who wish to pursue therapeutic roles.

This Certificate combines self-paced online learning, the client-experience of basic NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT), and supervised on-the-job practice.


Great career path! NPT Assistants study some of the same course work that Neurotricians study. This means that once they are certified, NPT Assistants receive credit for overlapping portions of their Certificate’s education if they go on to earn the Neurotrician Certificate.

The NPT Assistant Certificate is comprised of experiencing the NPT programs as a client, self-paced independent online learning, and a supervised internship (30 hours) in an NPT clinic. (The online learning portion may be completed before, concurrent with, or after having the paid client experience of the NPT programs.) Assessments of learning are integrated throughout the courses of study.


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