Neurotrician Certificate

Neurotricians deliver training and rehabilitation to a broad range of people.

Neurotricians can deliver NPT to

…those who simply want to improve and maintain health and fitness.

…trained athletes wanting to recover from injury or to enhance performance potential.

…those who have mild to moderate health and rehabilitation concerns of sleep issues, back pain, muscular or skeletal issues or injuries, chronic stress or anxiety, migraine, poor posture, concussions, and certain mild to moderate autoimmune diseases and disorders.

You will gain the knowledge required to serve these types of client needs through the combination of this Certificate’s self-paced independent online learning (The Foundations), practical training, and practice with clients (The Practice).

Please follow the links below to learn more about becoming a Neurotrician, to submit your application-enrolment form, and to contact us about your interests and questions!


Download the full description of this Certificate.

Application-Enrolment Form with Costs, Payment Plans, and Terms & Conditions – Apologies this is currently not available as it is being updated.