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NeuroPhysics Therapy’s history of delivering impressive benefits for people from all walks of life and ability drives the need for qualified NeuroPhysics Therapists.

Whether you are seeking to upgrade your current professional knowledge, kickstart a career, or would simply like to be across this revolutionary therapy and its surrounding science, the knowledge gained from studies in the NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) courses will be a powerful asset.

Our education paves the career paths for Certified NPT Assistants, Neurotricians, and Neurotricionists.  Each level of NPT Certification equips professionals with expertise that opens new career and earning potentials, whether you are just entering professional life or seeking a career change to develop and use more of your talents and to increase your earning potentials.

Income earning potentials of NPT Therapists are greater than those in some other allied health professions, for example, in terms of charging hourly rates. Read all about the therapy levels and potentials here!

Training and Education Certifications

Each Certificate is comprised of self-paced, independent online learning followed by practical training and a period of practice with clients. Assessments of learning are integrated throughout the courses of study. These links take you to descriptions of each Certificate’s training and education program, costs, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and application-enrolment forms.

NPT Assistants



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Skilled NPT practitioners are needed to serve the growing demand for NeuroPhysics Therapy.

unnamed7Certificates are comprised of self-paced, independent online learning followed by practical training, and a period of supervised practice with clients. Assessments are integrated throughout the courses of study.

Training and education in NeuroPhysics Therapy is exclusively available from Neurotricional Sciences Education Pty. Ltd. There is no other course like it in the world!

About Neurotricional Sciences Education Pty. Ltd.

Director: Ken Ware, Founder of NeuroPhysics Therapy. Ken regularly presents at scientific conferences and symposiums on developments and research arising from his work at The NeuroPhysics Institute, located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Ken has co-authored over 20 scientific publications to date with leading experts in the fields of biology, neuroscience, psychology and neurophysics.

CEO: Sara Nora Ross, Ph.D. Dr. Ross is an educator, researcher, consultant, and author. She specializes in developmental complexity science applied to a wide range of systems. With Ken Ware, she wrote the 2013 article published in Frontiers in Physiology, Hypothesizing the body’s genius to trigger and self-organize its healing: 25 years using a standardized neurophysics therapy. She is serving her second term as President of the international Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences, and is based in the U.S.